Musings at The Kitchen Sink Opus 1

So this morning, after I got back from dropping off my daughter at the camp where she is volunteering, I walked into the kitchen, poured myself a cup of coffee, and found myself thinking about all the aches and pains and the fatigue that I’ve been having these past couple of months. I found myself thinking how much it sucks that your body can have so much control over what you are able to do.

Which reminded me of all the things that I have to do and of all the things that I want to do. Which got me started thinking about a line of thought that many people have, which is that you can somehow control your body; which is, of course, that whole “mind over matter” stuff.  I hear the voices of my mother, of various friends, of talk-show hosts, and of “life coaches” who have all said, “If you want to do something badly enough, if you really want to achieve something, then you will make time to do it, you will make the effort“.

Which made me think, “But what good is it, all that effort and will, and….how the hell can you conjure up extra time when Time is something not of our own physical creation? When Time is a ephemeral construct existing outside of….(but now I’m digressing)… I mean, there are 24 hours in our construct. I can’t create extra….What good is it if your body poops out on you?”.

Which made me wonder, “Can our minds really control our bodies? Can we actually will ourselves physically better? Can we will some extra energy into existence for ourselves? Is sickness truly in our heads?” There are a lot of yogi-hocus-hippy-pocus-dippy people who believe so! In which case, has humankind just not realized yet that we can cure cancer and the common cold? We just need to realize how powerful our brains are?? In which case, wouldn’t that essentially make us god-like?

Then, I started thinking about God (and for all you atheists out there – don’t worry, you’re cool with me. I acknowledge that we can’t really know without a doubt about an existence of a great creator out there in the universe. No religious dogma from me here, even though I, personally, believe there is one….NOT going to force my beliefs on anyone else.)

And in thinking about God, I began wondering about the whole life-death cycle and what is the meaning of it all, and why do we struggle with it all, and if maybe the whole point of life is to simply survive. And if survival is the whole point of life, then why are we wired to be dying every second after we are brought into this physical world? In other words, we just can’t “win”! The essence of being a physical being is to be flawed, is to be mortal. Right? If God (assuming you believe in one) is immortal and perfect and flaw-less, and we were created “in HIS image”, then what was the point? I mean, because to be human is by definition to be flawed (and boy are we ever!!); if we can never be “not flawed” due to being human, then what exactly is the point of striving to be flawless – to be essential like God – as so many religious texts seem to admonish us to do?

Which brought me back to the yogi-hocus-hippy-pocus-dippy people and their “our minds are SO powerful” solution about achieving things and about staying healthy in our little flesh onesies… If that is so, then that means that I am god-like, right? I mean, if I can will my body to feel energetic, if I can will my body to stop hurting, if I can will my joints to stop aching?…Do we just need to “believe”?  “All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust”. Is that really all that is to needed to be well? If so, then what does that mean about being human? What does that mean about God? What does that mean about existence?…

On a closing note: I just got notified that my bone scan showed no sign of disease (wooo-hoooo!), just “regular degeneration due to age”….(Great. I’m just getting old?? More to muse upon…..)


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