Just The Facts, M’am.

On the night of July 23rd, I had a small trickle of painful, dark colored, smelly urination.
On Thursday, July 24th, 2014, I went to the YMCA to exercise.
After 1 hour on the Precor machine, I stopped by the restroom on the way out.
It hurt again.
I peed some blood.
I have no ovaries anymore.
I am in full blown menopause.
I went to the nearest Urgent Care Facility.
They did a Urinalysis.
I was told there wasn’t any bacteria, so it may not be a Urinary Tract Infection.
The doctor left the exam room, returned, and then told me that there actually “was something” in the urine, so they were going to run a culture and they would let me know on Monday what sort of bacteria we were dealing with.
I was happy it was a UTI.
They called on Monday to cheerfully report that “nothing grew”. It was a false UTI diagnosis.
They did not, however, know why my leukocytes would be elevated.
Which they were.
I freaked out.
I called my Oncologist.
He told me not to freak out.
I asked him if we should do some blood work.
He replied, “Why?” and “Not necessary”.
I kept my appointment with my General Practitioner’s office to draw blood to check my cholesterol levels.
I did not mention the urinalysis to them. Therefore, no other blood work was ordered.
I did not visibly pee blood except for that one day in July.
My Oncologist referred me to my Gynecologist.
I had to wait a week to see my Gyno.
He did an exam.
He did not see or feel anything unusual.
He ordered another Urinalysis.
We went on vacation four days later to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.
My lower back has been aching off and on for over a year or two.
I got a voicemail on August 11th, while sitting in the water park at Six Flags, that my urinalysis came back and there was still blood in my urine.
My pap smear was normal. (Yay for my pap smear!)
My Gynecologist referred me to a Urologist.
On August 12th, I woke up feeling a little dizzy. I continued to feel rather “off” for the rest of the day. Easily fatigued. Headaches.
On August 13th, I woke up with a headache and backache again.
My urine over the vacation turned completely clear in color.
Returned home on the 13th and just wanted to sleep for a little while.
Picked up our labrador from the boarding facility that evening but had to leave our foster dog in their care.
The next day, my backache continued off and on.
Took my daughter to her tutoring session across town.
Returned home around 5:30 p.m. and promptly fell asleep.
Totally forgot to take my daughter to her junior high’s orientation night.
She freaked out and yelled at me in tears.
She was unaware that evening was the “Express” event.
I had forgotten to mention it to her previously.
I was diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer late August, 2011.
It is August 16th, 2014 today.
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer is aggressive and has a tendency to return in the first three years.
It does not tend to return in the breast area (especially when they have been removed).
I slept in bed until 2 p.m. this afternoon, except for breaks to go to the bathroom.
My lower back still hurts.
My urine is still clear.
I’m starting to notice weird aches elsewhere.
I made an appointment, while on vacation, with the Urologist who was recommended.
I was told by the receptionist that they liked to “act as quickly as possible when there is blood in the urine” and she scheduled me for this coming Tuesday, August 19th at 3:00 p.m.
I have to have a referral.
The Urologist’s office insists on that. The Insurance Company insists on that.
They must have a referral from my General Practitioner, and my General Practitioner ONLY.
Who is on vacation until Monday.
Who has no one covering for her in her practice while she is out.
Whose office keeps mentioning that referrals must have at least 48 hours to be “approved”.
The Urologist’s office has informed me that without a referral on paper, they will not be able to see me.
My throat has been feeling a little raw off and on since last Sunday.
I keep having little headaches. Off and on.
My house is extremely messy.
My now clear urine has been smelling strange since late July.
I have piles of laundry.
I freaked out on the phone with everyone involved with health insurance matters and this appointment.
I have been swinging between burst of energy, like when I work out and walk the dogs, and feeling worn out completely, after doing those things, or after going out to social events.
I have been feeling unmotivated to do the things that need doing.
Our yard needs mowing, and trimming, and weeding.
I’m not in a good mood; I go between a sort of emotional flat-line, unfocused thoughts, eerie calm, and tears.
The kids’ school year starts back up in one week.
We have not prepared.
I’m not feeling physically well; my energy is low, my lower half feels weak; I feel a little light-headed, almost buzzed in a very strange way.
I’m having to urinate more often than I usually do.
We are going to show up to my appointment, with a referral or without.
My cat, Rex, has lost a lot of weight lately.
He had mysteriously started losing a lot of weight around the time of my cancer diagnosis in 2011.
(After I “recovered”, so, coincidentally, did he).
He would follow me around the house a lot back then, before I knew I had cancer, staring me in the eyes and meowing.
He is doing it again.



  1. Geeze, that is some shit to deal with :/ The run around and insurance BS is worse than getting sick. No one should have to deal with that, they need to deal with being sick. Your symptoms sure blow….but I’ll tell ya, I felt like that right before my kidney stone. Seriously…you may have one bitch of a stone blocking something. Obviously that would be a better diagnosis than the alternative. You are headed to the correct doctor to figure that out hopefully. Mine did NOT show up on a CT scan though.

    1. My mom had some pretty bad kidney stones, my dad had kidney stones when he was young, your uncle here, went through some awful kidney stones. Yeah. I’ll take kidney stones. I know they hurt like hell, but better that….
      I’ll happily be embarrassed by overreacting to my symptoms.

      1. I felt strange before hand…just didnt know what it was until after. I bet you that’s it. It does hurt, but if your docs arent as big of jerks like mine you’ll probably have a better time…they may even offer better methods of ridding you of it. I rooting for ya!!!

        Also, if you need any help…i could get the kids their school supplies or something. Reach out, we arent close by (wish we were) but we’ll do what we can anyhow.

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